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One day Johnny Blogger was checking his e-mails. He’s been blogging for almost two years and he has built up quite the sizable, engaged audience.

He hasn’t made any money yet, but it’s going to happen any day now. He’s going to get that e-mail from Brand X because they want to include him in their new advertising campaign.

One of these days the right person is going to notice him and what he has to offer.

Sound about right? Sounds like you. You’ve been expecting one of those e-mails for at least a few months, haven’t you?

Unfortunately you’re not Alice, and this is not Wonderland.

Here, in the real world of online and digital, work doesn’t just fall into your lap, never mind well-paying work. Brands very rarely approach bloggers to include them in a new campaign. Mostly because they have never heard of you.

You have to go to the brand, and give them a reason to give you work and pay you for the work.

You can’t just go and blindly e-mail anyone that works at Brand X.

Luckily Johnny Blogger knows someone who knows someone and got you an e-mail address of someone that works at Brand X: “Hi, my blog gets thousands of visitors a month. Want to sponsor me? I can give you a years’ worth of Skyscraper banner space on my site. This will be great exposure for your brand.”

I’ve received those e-mails. I’ve also deleted those-mails.

Those e-mails are shit. 

There are a few steps to getting a brand to work with you:

  • You need to know how to approach a brand.
  • You need to know who to e-mail and you need that specific person’s e-mail address.
  • If that e-mail is the Marketing Manager you will be sending them a campaign idea with proof that you can do what you say you are going to do.

This way you are in control. You are offering your services and expertise backed up with proof and data that shows what you can bring to the table. Now Brand X is way more likely to take you seriously and pay you for your services and expertise.

“Well duh! I’ll just type my campaign idea out, should not be more than a few hundred words, and I’ll send it to the e-mail address I found on the ‘contact us’ page of Brand X.” says Johnny Blogger.


Your masterfully crafted e-mail with your epic campaign idea will just disappear between all the other e-mails that get sent to that same contact page e-mail address.

You should let Brand X know that you are planning on e-mailing them, before you e-mail them. Your e-mail should be going to the correct person. The person who is most likely going to sign your cheque when the campaign is over. If you compile your e-mail the way we do (or to the standard we expect bloggers to offer our brands their services), the correct person at Brand X will be waiting on your e-mail, expecting it.

It’s not a hard change to make and it will increase your chances of connecting with brands by 100%.

If you put some work into a campaign and you show Brand X that 50 000 people saw that campaign after you ran it, you are a step ahead of the curve, you are a pro. Brands like working with pros.

In the coming weeks we will show you how to connect with not only the brand, but also the correct person at that brand. We will show you how to ensure you will have brands waiting to receive campaign concepts from you. We will show you how to boost your campaign views so that you can give brands results, even before they have asked for them.

We’ve taken years of combined experience and we’ve compressed it into four steps so that you can start working on this today. We will be covering the topics that will give you the tools to create work instead of sitting around waiting for work to fall into your lap. This guide has the tools to make you a pro.

Here’s what you will learn in our guide:

Making friends in all the right places

How you get the e-mail address of the person at Brand X that needs to see your campaign and your results.

Creating great expectations

How you get the brand to not only know about you, but also expect a proposal e-mail from you.

Take your campaign into overdrive

How you maximize your campaign so that you have realistic and factual results to show a brand before they have even asked for results.

Landing the deals you want

Follow our strategy to lure brands and clients to work with you. Show your results, even if you’re new to the game.

Approach Brands Banner

Ruan F

Ruan is the founder and editor of one of South Africa's most influential blogs, Not only has he been blogging for 5 years, but he has also built up immense knowledge around content marketing, digital marketing strategy and SEO. During the day Ruan is the SEO Strategist for a multimillion dollar digital agency and at night he imparts his experience to other budding digital entrepreneurs with informative content and online training. He has worked with brands like Microsoft, Monster Energy, Opel and Castle Lite in order to assist them in their efforts to drive traffic to their campaigns and digital content.

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