The best time to share your content on Facebook

Knowing When Your Facebook Audience is Online

You have been working hard on your Facebook page. You’ve been getting more likes on your page and people like, share and leave comments when you post content. But you know you can take your Facebook content marketing efforts to the next level, you just don’t know how.

Timing is everything with Facebook content marketing.

Driving down a highway past a billboard is very much what Facebook has become. Your Facebook timeline is the highway, every piece of content you scroll by is a billboard.

Luckily for digital marketers we have the added advantage of being able to see when people will be driving on the highway of Facebook and so we can make sure that they drive past the billbaord of our content.

Facebook Insights, like Big Brother

Facebook gives us plenty of data when it comes to the behaviour of our audience on Facebook. What they like, who they are, where they are and also what time they are on Faceook.

Your Facebook page insights is a great set of data that you can easily use to optimize your content marketing efforts on your Facebook page. Once you are loggend in to Facebook and you are on your business/site’s Facebook page you can simply click on the insights button (see in image below marked in red) to get to your insights data.

Getting to Facebook Page Insights

What you see next will be the overview of your Facebook insights. Here you will see basic graphs for the new likes your pages has been getting, your post reach and also some engagement data.

If you scroll down you will see a breakdown of the preformance of your last five posts on your Facebook page. A quick breakdown of each post’s reach and engagement will give you great insights to not only how many people has seen your content, but also how they have engaged with your content.

Have a quick look at your last five posts on Facebook:

How did each post preform? How many people did each post reach? How did people engage with your content? With a like? Did they click a link? Did they share your content?

Facebook Post reach and engagement

The better you keep track of how people engage with your content, the better you will be at getting the maximum out of every post that you share with your audience on your Facebook page.

When is your audience on Facebook?

If you click on the “Posts” tab under insights you will get to the screen that shows you when your audience (that is the people that actually like your Facebook page) is on Facebook.

Here you will see a breakdown of the last seven days. How many of your audience was on Facebook over the last seven days, day by day and also with a daily average broken down by the hour.

When Your Fans are online Facebook

Use the data that you find here to determine the best time for you to post your content onto Facebook. Experiment with times untill you find the optimal time that yeilds the best engagement for your post. Then you can start scheduling posts to automatically get shared at certain times on your Facebook page.

Just a quick reminder:

Just because your audience is on Facebook when you post content does not mean your content will appear to every person that likes your page because he or she is online. Facebook has an algorythm it uses to determine who sees content and who doesn’t. Make sure you use “Facebook post best practises” to ensure that your posts get the maximum organic reach. If you want more reach, you can reach huge amounts of people on Facebook by spending a relatively small amount of money on a Facebook ad campaing.

What Facebook tips and tricks do you have? What has yielded the best results for you in terms of content marketing on Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

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