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Get yourself 35% off the first limited seat online seminar

Update: After initially posting this last week we have had a lot of requests to do website audits during the “Open Seminars”. Submit your website and we will give you an audit with suggestions on simple changes that will improve your site during our live “Open Seminar” happening on 2 September 2016, at 20:00. Because you will be helping other members of the open seminar by having your site audited during the seminar, there is no charge for this. Simply fill out this form, include your website URL to have your website audited for free. Selected websites will be announced on Wednesday 31 August 2016, with an update on this post.

I’m starting an online seminar for bloggers

Lately I’ve been doing consultations for bloggers at a set fee of R1500 for an hour (they normally run a couple minutes longer). For members of the SA Bloggers Group I offered the same but at a 50% off fee. Only one SA Blogger Group member has taken me up on the offer, and so I’ve come to the realization that my fee is simply too steep. I’m going to carry on doing consultations, but I’m also going to start something new that doesn’t come with such a steep price tag.

That is why I’m launching “Open Seminars” that anyone can join for free. The “Open Seminars” will take place via YouTube Live. In the “Open Seminars” I will cover all types of blogging related questions as well as assess some bloggers’ Social Profiles or blog, live. Anyone can join an “Open Seminar” but if you want to ask a question or have a quick live assessment of your blog or social profiles, you will have to sign up here with your question and pay R25. The R25 will also get you 35% off if you decide to join the “Closed Seminar” starting 15 September 2016. The “Closed Seminar” only has 20 spotsavailible and will also take place via YouTube Live.

Bloggers ask the best questions

Every time I meet fellow bloggers I’m amazed at the amount of questions that get asked. The great thing about these questions from bloggers is that each question is different depending on the blogger who is asking. Every question also might have a slightly different answer depending on the blogger that asks. A travel blogger and a food blogger might have the same question, but their answers might differ because of their different niches.

Online Seminar for bloggers

The price for a seat in the “Closed Seminar” is R1500. Bloggers that have submitted a question and paid the R25 fee, will have their question answered during the “Open Seminar” plus they will receive 35% discount on the price for the “Closed Seminar” with first option to grab a seat before anyone else does.

How will “Closed Seminars” differ from “Open Seminars”

In the “Closed Seminars” we get stuck in for 1.5 hours each week, for three weeks. Each week we will cover a different theme, where I show you all things blogging related, the way I do it. Buying a seat in the “Closed Seminar” will secure your spot for each week’s lesson.

The first “Closed Seminar” starts on 15 September 2016, and the themes for each week is as follows:

  • Simple SEO — Why and How to “SEO”
  • Google Analytics — The blogger data breakdown
  • Working with brands — How to show your value

In the seminar you get 4.5 hours of planned out “lessons” and time to ask questions. Each lesson will consist of me taking you through the theme at hand, before we open it up to questions from members participating in the seminar. Each week’s lesson will have a “DYI Homework” project that I will give you and that you will have to complete before the next week’s lesson, to help what you’ve learnt that week to stick.

“Open Seminars” are free to everyone

Because I want to help the blogging community the “Open Seminars” will be available to anyone, for free. If you take a free seat at one of the “Open Seminars” you just won’t be able to get your own question answered. That does not mean that you won’t be able to learn from the others that ask questions. Anyone will be able to join the open seminar on 2 September 2016, but only those that get the 35% offer will have their questions answered.

Securing your 35% off and submitting your question

Your question has to be blogging related. This includes questions on social media, SEO, working with brands, campaign ideation or anything else that is blogging related. Please use this form to get your questions in along with your contact details. If your question is selected for the “Open Seminar” I will send you an email with payment details so that you can pay your R25.
I look forward to seeing your questions and creating a learning space for South African bloggers, but most of all I’m excited to be learning from you guys too as we go along on this crazy trip running our blogs.

Online Blogger Seminar


Fine print:

All online seminars will be hosted by me personally or another member of the Ramped Up Digital team. Questions submitted for the Ramped Up Digital “Open Seminar” will be screened to ensure that the whole community can get value from the question being answered. Because of time constraints on these sessions only 6 questions per “Open Seminar” will be answered. Website audits will also be limited.

There will be two “Open Seminars” (first one is 2 September 2016, at 20:00 CAT) before the first “Closed Seminar” happening on 15 September 2016. “Closed Seminars” will only have 20 spots available, so secure your seat ASAP.



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Ruan is the founder and editor of one of South Africa's most influential blogs, Not only has he been blogging for 5 years, but he has also built up immense knowledge around content marketing, digital marketing strategy and SEO. During the day Ruan is the SEO Strategist for a multimillion dollar digital agency and at night he imparts his experience to other budding digital entrepreneurs with informative content and online training. He has worked with brands like Microsoft, Monster Energy, Opel and Castle Lite in order to assist them in their efforts to drive traffic to their campaigns and digital content.

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